Enjoy Bruja Sana


Enjoy Bruja Sana


Enjoy Bruja Sana


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kombucha 6 pack 6 pack

kombucha 6 pack

$ 550.00
kombucha 12 pack 12 pack

kombucha 12 pack

$ 930.00
kombucha 24 pack 24 pack

kombucha 24 pack

$ 1,630.00

Bruja Sana Kombucha

Bruja Sana Kombucha is a tea fermented by means of a live culture consisting of beneficial bacteria and yeasts. Our Kombucha has the perfect balance of sweet and sour flavor with a touch of acidity, bubbly and unforgettable texture.

Made according to an ancient tea recipe reputed to have medicinal qualities. Its fermentation transforms the infusion into an effervescent, refreshing drink full of probiotics with a variety of vitamins and organic acids.

What is Kombucha

Our Kombucha is made with ingredients of the highest quality, they are organic and are grown here on our land.


We want to have a better world, for this we want to be better, have more health. This is why we like to drink Kombucha Bruja Sana

Michelle Mitchell

We understand the damage caused to our body by consuming highly sugary products that provide zero nutrients. Kombucha Bruja Sana is our best option !!

Max Mitchell