Enjoy Bruja Sana


Enjoy Bruja Sana


Enjoy Bruja Sana


Kombucha México

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kombucha 6 pack 6 pack

kombucha 6 pack

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kombucha 12 pack

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kombucha 24 pack

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From the first drink it fills me with an impressive energy, needless to say after a good physical training!


What a joy to know Kombucha, it is already a lifestyle. Thank you Witch Sana!


My family and especially my children love its flavor, as well as being refreshing.


What is Kombucha?

Bruja Sana Kombucha is a fermented drink made from tea. Its fermentation is carried out thanks to a live culture made up of beneficial bacteria and yeasts. Our Kombucha has a delicious flavor that combines a perfect balance of sweet and sour with a touch of acidity, a touch of bubbly and an unforgettable texture.

We make our drink according to an ancient tea recipe that is reputed to have medicinal qualities. The fermentation process transforms the tea into an effervescent and refreshing drink, which thanks to this process obtains millions of probiotics and a wide variety of vitamins and organic acids.

SCOBY from Kombucha

Some call it El Hongo de la Kombucha, others know it as Madre and others call it SCOBY for its acronym in English (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast), translated into Spanish as Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast.

The SCOBY of the Kombucha is the basis for the manufacture of this beneficial fermented drink, rich in probiotics and vitamins.

Basically, this SCOBY is a concentration of cellulose, where a combination of LIVE bacteria and yeasts live, which feed on tea and sugar. This process transforms the ingredients and gives rise to Kombucha.

This fermentation process is what gives Kombucha its high probiotic content, as well as a wide range of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and various organic acids that are essential for health.

SCOBY de la Kombucha

Benefits of Bruja Sana Kombucha

Bruja Sana Kombucha is a fermented drink, made using an organic crop known as SCOBY. This fermented drink has different benefits and properties that favor the good health of the body.

Among the many benefits that are currently known about Kombucha we can mention the reduction of cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as reducing the spread of cancer cells.

In addition, it has been discovered that it offers several improvements in liver, digestive, immune functions and much more.

Beneficios de la Kombucha